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Software for OS/2 and eComstation

Office / Productivity
  • GerMenue v1.3 for Mesa2
    German menu for the spreadsheet-application Mesa2 from Sundial Systems german menues, tiptexts and spec. toolbar-buttons. Req. running Mesa2 v2.3

  • Tequila v1.1 for Mesa2
    Filter-, zoom- and sizefunctions for the excelent speadsheet application Mesa2 from Sundial Systems

    req. running Mesa2 v2.2


  • SmartPack for Mesa2
    Edit- and sizefunctions for Mesa2 from Sundial Systems
    req. running Mesa2 v2.2


  • Contact/2
    Powerfull addressmanager application.

  • eAccounts
    A PM account and password manager.

  • ePDF
    A PM tool for postscript to PDF conversion, which uses GhostScript as back-end.


  • eCalc
    A PM calculator.

Graphic / Sound / MultiMedia
  • JPEG Processor v1
    This is a "drag and drop"-PM-interface for OUTJPEG
    feat. scaling images 1/1;1/2;1/4;1/8, rotating images 90, 180 or 270 degrees, configurable quality and compressiontype, batchprocessing for up to 10.000 Files.

  • JPEGSkal
    Two PMJobWorks - samples to scale images in batchmode with Generalised Bitmap Module (GBM). Scale images to a userdefined width or height with equal proportions.

    req. running PMJobWorks v0.5 (see below), GBM.

  • PMRec v1.1
    A frontend for Carsten Arnolds PlayRec. It supports the most important options for scheduled recording of WAV-tracks

  • WaveCut beta 10
    A PM-wave player and cutter for os2 and ecs. It uses Carsten Arnolds CopyWave to cut the wavefiles

  • BoulderDash/2
    A remake of the classic C64 game.

Tools / Utils / Misc
  • Assolaunch v0.9
    Addon for PMSEEK (os/2-onboard-search-tool). Open any file listed in the search-result -listbox of pmseek with the default assoziated application (just like opening the file from the WPS via doubleclicking).

  • SmartLaunch v1.1
    This is the successor of Assolaunch. Launch any file-object from commandline or via drag and drop, developed as an addon to PMSEEK, to launch a file from the search-resultbox in pmseek Features: WPS Launch (via association); open folder (file-directory) or os/2-window (file-directory); open the file with userdefined editors or viewers; copy the file to a userdefined director.

  • PMJobWorks v0.5
    PMJobWorks is an universal PMInterface for commandlinetools and rexxscripts to handle files in batchprocessing eg. for grafic conversion, feat. drag and drop, saves filelists, programlaunch after batch (eg. shutdown your system with tinyalarm, play wavefiles etc.), WPS integration.

  • Ypsilon! for Netdrive v1.05
    Ypsilon! is a simple rexx script that mounts some OS/2 related ftp-resources (Hobbes, Leo, Netlabs, IBM EWS and Testcase) to a virtual drive.

    req. Netdrive by BluePrint SoftWare Works

  • eZIP
    Integration of ZIP files into the WPS.

  • WorkPlaceWeather
    WPWeather is a weather object which downloads weather forecasts from and displays it on your desktop.

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